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Water-Source Heat Pumps for Residents of Atlanta, GA

Picture of a Premier HVAC van on the street in front of a brick house.A water-source heat pump is a great option to consider as an alternative to a traditional air-source heat pump for residents throughout the greater Atlanta, Georgia, area. If you live near a body of water or have a well on your property, a water-base heat pump is an option you may want to consider. At Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation, we offer and install these heat pumps for homeowners throughout the region. We can help you find the heating system that’s just right for your home and install it to provide you with years of reliable heat.

What Is a Water-Source Heat Pump?

A traditional heat pump uses air from outside to heat and circulate within your home. A water-source heat pump is similar, except that heat is moved through water instead. This option is suitable for homes that have a local water source that they can draw from.

Benefits of Water-Source Heat Pumps

There are many reasons why a water-source heat pump can be a smart investment for your home. They don’t have to work as hard as air-source heat pumps to be effective, making them a more energy-efficient option. What’s more, they have a longer shelf life of up to 15 to 20 years, making them a lasting investment. Water-source heat pumps are also easy for technicians to service, provide great indoor air quality, and feature quiet operation.

Learn More With Premier HVAC

Are you wondering if a water-source heat pump is the right option for you? Contact Premier HVAC today to learn more about this system and to determine if it’s an option for your property in the greater Atlanta, GA, area.

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