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The Phase-Out of R-22 Freon and What it Means for Residents and Business Owners in Atlanta, GA

R-22 Freon Atlanta GA

Many air conditioners installed before 2010 that are still in use today use a type of refrigerant called R-22, also known as Freon, which has been deemed unsafe by the EPA. By law, the use of R-22 Freon will need to be phased out by the year 2020. This type of refrigerant is also used in many types of commercial refrigeration equipment. The reason for the phase out is the refrigerant’s status as a hydrochlorofluorocarbon, which has now been classified as an ozone-depleting substance and thus is unsafe for the environment.

What if I’m Not Sure Whether My Air Conditioner Uses R-22 Freon?

If any of the above sounds confusing to you, don’t worry! Home and business owners throughout the Atlanta metro area can call Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation to determine whether their air conditioners use R-22 Freon. As an EPA-certified HVAC company, we are always up to date on the latest EPA guidelines. We have already helped many people in the area determine what type of refrigerant their air conditioner uses, and will be happy to assist you as well.

What if my Air Conditioner Uses R-22 Freon?

Currently, it is still legal to receive service on an HVAC unit that utilizes R-22 Freon as long as you are receiving the service from an EPA-certified technician, such as the professionals at Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation. However, as production on R-22 Freon decreases (and eventually stops completely by the year 2020) this type of refrigerant will become increasingly expensive, which will translate into increased costs for maintaining your air conditioning unit.

It is advisable for you to upgrade your air conditioning unit before 2020 to a more eco-friendly alternative. New air conditioners use a different type of refrigerant called R410a, which has an ozone depletion rating of zero and is also more energy efficient. Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation can discuss all your options for new air conditioner installation with you, as we are skilled experts when it comes to installing complete systems.

If you have any questions regarding the phase-out of the refrigerant R-22 Freon or any of our other services, feel free to contact Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation today. We are happy to discuss your options with you and perform an assessment at your home or business in the Atlanta area.

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