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Preventative maintenance with Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation is a vital and essential part of maintaining your heating and air conditioning equipment. Heating and cooling your home accounts for roughly 50% of the energy cost. A properly maintained system can save you money, prevent costly repairs due to neglect, extend the life of your system, ensure the manufacturer’s warranty and maintain the safety and peace of mind of your home and family.

**No repairs are made without your approval.

Each complete system that is purchased from Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation comes with a complimentary one year Premier HVAC Comfort Maintenance Silver Plan which includes 2 scheduled maintenance visits per calendar year which should be scheduled in the spring and fall. The complimentary visits expire 18 months from the date of installation.

Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation has designed two different Premier HVAC Maintenance Plans to keep your system running effectively and efficiently. Let us know which would best suit your needs.

If a Premier HVAC Comfort Maintenance Plan does not suit you or your budget please choose one of our Tune-up specials and give us a try. Let Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation earn your business.


Comfort Maintenance Plans

Stay comfortable with peace-of-mind all year long

Reduces Energy Costs
Maintains Safe Operation
Improves Comfort and Reliability

Silver Package (base)


1 Heat maint. visit Check condensate pump** Inspect service valves for leaks
1 A/C maint. visit Check amp draw on compressor Inspect fan blade
Priority service over non-members Check amp draw on motors Inspect and clean flame sensor*
1 year warranty on all repairs Check capacitor levels – MFD Check furnace vent pipe*
10% off all repairs Inspect electrical compartment for burned or pitted contactors Visually inspect heat exchanger*
5% discount on heating & cooling equipment Inspect drain lines if needed
10% discount on HVAC accessories Check temperature difference: supply/ return
$10 discount on service call fees Check refrigerant charge
Test and inspect safety devices for proper operation Check subcooling and superheat
Change 1” standard filter – 1 per visit Inspect outdoor coil
*Service performed at heat check


1st System $ 189.00
Each Add’l System $ 99.00
Media Filter(Std. size) $ 79.00+ per

Gold Package (Best Value)


Includes Silver Package (base)
Cleaning outdoor coils
Vacuum blower motor housing*
Inspection of Heat Exchanger*
Check for Carbon Monoxide*
*Service performed at heat check


1st System $ 299.00
Each Add’l System $ 199.00
Media Filter(Std. size) $ 79.00+ per

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