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Indoor Air Quality Products Installed by Experts in the Atlanta, GA, Area

Indoor air quality is a rising concern among homeowners throughout the country. Airborne pollutants such as mold and bacteria can severely impact a person’s health. If you are concerned about the quality of the air inside your home in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, turn to the professionals at Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation. We are proud to be an authorized installer of Carrier and Goodman products that can address virtually any type of indoor air quality issue you may be experiencing.

Some of the products that we can install to improve the air quality in your home or business include:

  • Dehumidification systems – In the Atlanta, GA, area, we can experience extreme humidity during the summer months. In addition to creating an area that is more comfortable, eliminating humidity in the air prevents health hazards such as mold and dust mites. We install multiple sizes of dehumidifiers that can work with your current heating and cooling system, so whether you just need to get rid of dampness in your basement or throughout your entire home, we’ve got you covered.
  • Humidifiers – During the winter months, dry air can cause a host of problems. We can install a humidifier that will distribute water vapor into your air ducts, making the air more pleasant to breathe, reducing static electricity, and even helping to protect your wood furniture.
  • Germicidal UV lights – Our germicidal lights use intense UV rays to kill mold and bacteria that can grow in the coils of your cooling system, improving airflow and preventing these substances from becoming airborne.
  • Air filters – We carry a wide array of air filters that can improve indoor air quality. All of our filters will remove airborne particles, and many of our filters help kill germs, pollen, and mold, and protect against pathogens such as the flu and cold viruses.

Providing the most reliable equipment, straightforward pricing, and professional service from a team dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction is what Premier HVAC is all about. To learn more about our indoor air quality products or any of the other HVAC products we offer in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding communities, contact us today.

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