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The Top Heating Repair Company Serving Alpharetta, GA, Homeowners 

If your home or business in Alpharetta, Georgia, has a broken heating system, there is only one company to depend on—Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation. Our family-owned business boasts over 35 years of experience installing and servicing heating and cooling systems.  

As a state-licensed and certified and EPA-certified company, you can count on us for reliable heating repair services completed correctly and to the highest standard. No matter what issue your heating system is facing, we are ready to help! 

Heating Repair Services for Any System 

Premier HVAC employs a team of highly experienced technicians who hold certifications from NATE and EarthCraft, demonstrating their dedication to doing an excellent job during every project.  

Our menu of services when it comes to getting your house warm and comfortable again features: 

  • Furnace repair: From single-stage furnaces, two-stage furnaces, and everything in between, we can have your furnace working again before you need to break out the extra blankets.  
  • Heat pump repair: With 35 years of experience, we know exactly what to check for if your heat pump is having trouble.  
  • HVAC repair: Sometimes, your whole unit needs a proper inspection and repair work. We’ll look at every nook and cranny of your unit to ensure it’s working as intended. 
  • And more! 

Whatever service you need, our crew is the one to rely on. We will accurately identify your heating system’s issues and then confidently address them. After we finish, your system will be fully functional, and your home or business will be kept warm all winter. 

Ensuring Your Safety 

If you turn to us for a gas furnace repair, we can also perform a Carbon Monoxide Combustion Analysis test to ensure your heating system is not leaking dangerous carbon monoxide gas.  

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal if left unattended by a professional. Premier HVAC will test your furnace to determine if it produces dangerous gas levels. This testing will also help determine if the furnace is safe to operate and will maintain the equipment warranty.  

Combustion analysis, on the other hand, is performed during equipment installation to ensure your furnace is firing correctly.  

At Premier HVAC, we always work to guarantee our clients’ safety. 

Need More? Rely on Us for Service! 

Approximately half of your energy expenses go toward heating and cooling your home. A well-maintained system saves you money and prevents expensive repairs from neglect, extends your system’s lifespan, upholds the manufacturer’s warranty, and ensures your home and family’s safety and peace of mind. 

Premier HVAC also offers our Comfort Maintenance Plan for customers who want yearly inspections and routine maintenance completed on their systems. Choose from the Silver or Gold package with two visits during the year. Our plans will help you achieve the Zen of a system that will work in pristine condition year-round! 

The Heating Repair Experts 

No matter what heating repair project you need completed, contact Premier HVAC Mechanical Corporation. We proudly serve home and business owners around the Alpharetta, GA, area. 

We stand by our commitment to ensure that all our services and products deliver the home comforts you and your family need and expect. Contact us today to learn more about all our goods and services – especially if you need heating repair! 

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